thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: a visit to Caitrin and Family, grandchilderen and a badlum football game.
IMG 4649  Tha plane from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam. IMG 4652  A fountain in Detroit airport. IMG 4655  Tunnel in Detroit airport. IMG 4656  Tunnel in Detroit Airport. IMG 4657  The Pie to celebrate a new daughter/granddaughter. IMG 4661  Caitrin enjoying the 'new' type of salmiak bullet. (A pretaste :-).
IMG 4662  Trixy, One of the dogs. IMG 4663  Two Granddaughters :-).  Veronique on the left, Droen right. IMG 4664  Two granddaughters with mom. IMG 4665  Who is enjoying this the most? IMG 4666  Oh Yes, Bronwen is never going to be able to skip a good party... and to get the spirit of the party, 'a toast'. IMG 4669  Bronwen in the drinking corner, with party hat.
IMG 4670  and another toast... IMG 4672  Droen and Griffin IMG 4673 IMG 4674  and more toast. IMG 4676  caitrin and Jean. IMG 4678
IMG 4679 IMG 4680 IMG 4681  and now for the presentations: Listen Y'all, Mom speaks... IMG 4682  Droen now joining in in the fun. IMG 4684  Lady Droen O'Roarke. IMG 4686  Clearly enjoying the salmiak bullet.
IMG 4687  Caitrin handed the belt. Next time, use the flash, bertrik. IMG 4688  like this. IMG 4689 IMG 4690  (brilliantly getting the flash back from the TV set). So now, with Veronique de Mont Saint Michel, all enjoying the taste of salmiak bullets.. IMG 4691  Yeah. Me too. IMG 4693
IMG 4694  For Revenge: I was given the treat of a rootbeer candy. Yeah.. You got to be raised with them to like them, just like salmiak bullets, i guess.... IMG 4695 IMG 4696  Yeah.. Welcome to the Big Family! IMG 4698  And Bronwen also adds to the occasion... IMG 4699 IMG 4703  A nice and special Bag...
IMG 4704 IMG 4706  and IMG 4709 IMG 4710  a very special family recepe. IMG 4711 IMG 4712
IMG 4713  Family Picture.. IMG 4714  With Bronwen sneaking in. IMG 4715 IMG 4716 IMG 4717 IMG 4718
IMG 4719  Lady Bronwen. IMG 4720  Griffin and Trouble, caitrins other dog. IMG 4721 IMG 4722 IMG 4723 IMG 4724
IMG 4725  Lets show the belt! A new Belt, Speciallt made for Droen. Veronique has received the 'old belt', the belt i made for Caitrin in the time she was my protty (The one with bridges and stars). Catrin made this one now with... cinquefoils and hares.. Appropriate... IMG 4726  It is all very voluntarily... IMG 4728  The 'lineage' of the belt nicely added at the end of the belt... IMG 4730 IMG 4731 IMG 4732  trouble. Big trouble.
IMG 4733  never leave your kids in the back.... IMG 4734 IMG 4735  It is great fun together. IMG 4736 IMG 4737  yeah.. saw that! IMG 4738  Totempole...
IMG 4739  I guess scaring them did not really work... IMG 4740  the totempole slowly deteriorates into a wave? IMG 4741  the next day: Big Surprise! caitrin arranged tickets for the OU/OSU bedlam. The big game between the two oklahoma universities... Big Rivalry. and the cheerleaders are practising outside. IMG 4743  Flyinging ... IMG 4744  tumbling... IMG 4745  and being caught again...
IMG 4746 IMG 4747 IMG 4748 IMG 4749 IMG 4750  quite.. athletic. IMG 4752  the Team.
IMG 4754  We found our seats... Good vision on the field. Now hoping for many touchdowns on this end of the field :-). IMG 4756  the other end of the field. A big screen for the screenshots, and now still a fairly empty stand. IMG 4757  practise time for the teams. IMG 4758 IMG 4760  The (OU) student section is already filled... IMG 4762
IMG 4763 IMG 4764 IMG 4765 IMG 4766  the stadium slowly filling up. IMG 4767 IMG 4768  Caitrin and me.
IMG 4770 IMG 4771  warming up. IMG 4773  the OSU team. White with orange... IMG 4774 IMG 4776 IMG 4777  The section for the OU students...
IMG 4778  the pride, the band of OU enters. IMG 4779 IMG 4780  this is the last home game of the sooners, so a lot of the senior students are thanked, put in the spotlight etc. IMG 4782 IMG 4783 IMG 4784
IMG 4785 IMG 4786  the flag of Oklahoma. IMG 4787 IMG 4788 IMG 4789 IMG 4790  Yes. The stadium was sold out.
IMG 4791  On the bigscreen the pattern the pride walks in. IMG 4794 IMG 4796 IMG 4797  the pride walking in the pattern of the logo of OU. IMG 4798 IMG 4799
IMG 4800 IMG 4801 IMG 4802 IMG 4803 IMG 4804 IMG 4805
IMG 4806 IMG 4807 IMG 4808  the entry of the players. IMG 4810 IMG 4811 IMG 4813
IMG 4814  when OU score the sooner wagon races across the field. IMG 4816 IMG 4817 IMG 4818 IMG 4819  and if the sooners score, the flags are run across the inzone. IMG 4820  and a couple of the cheerleaders backflip...
IMG 4821 IMG 4823 IMG 4824 IMG 4825 IMG 4826 IMG 4827  and when the sooners score, some shots are fired.
IMG 4829 IMG 4830  one of the mascottes: boomer and sooner.. IMG 4831 IMG 4832 IMG 4833 IMG 4834
IMG 4835 IMG 4836 IMG 4837  halftime show. The OSU band first gets on the field. IMG 4838 IMG 4839 IMG 4840
IMG 4841 IMG 4842  followed by the pride. IMG 4843 IMG 4844 IMG 4845 IMG 4846
IMG 4847 IMG 4848 IMG 4849 IMG 4850  the seniors of the pride are thanked. IMG 4851 IMG 4852
IMG 4853 IMG 4854 IMG 4855 IMG 4856 IMG 4857 IMG 4858
IMG 4859 IMG 4860  slowly it gets darker... But the game goes on. IMG 4861 IMG 4862 IMG 4863 IMG 4864
IMG 4865  some more backflips when the sooners score. IMG 4866  caitrin and me. IMG 4867  student who had to do a dance competition... IMG 4869 IMG 4870 IMG 4871
IMG 4872 IMG 4873 IMG 4874  yes.. wuite a bunch of backflips what they needed to do. Quite some goals in this match. IMG 4875 IMG 4876  and it all ends in a tie. IMG 4879  fireworks...
IMG 4881  Sooners win. For the first time in the game in they lead... and that finished the game. Overtime wonders. IMG 4882 IMG 4883  It was an long, and exiting game... IMG 4884 IMG 4885 IMG 4887
IMG 4888 IMG 4889